Review: Retro Handheld Game Console

And so, I saw someone flaunting this retro handheld game console on FB the other day. Not to be outdone, I ordered one set for myself too.

I believe 8-bit games form a collective memory for many people who grew up playing such games on the Atari and Nintendo. This is especially so for those from my generation.

I placed an order on October 4 but there were no updates on the tracking website till October 9. I got a little impatient but there was nothing I could do except to wait. Then, I found out that week was their holiday following their National Day.

The package finally got delivered yesterday so I thought I would share the unboxing here.

I am quite surprised to see the delivery guy holding a box of this size. I thought it would just be a small one.

The box within the box.

I am so excited to unbox this box. What memories will I unravel from within?

And there she was, waiting for someone to rouse her from her slumber.

The game console is thicker and lighter (feels almost empty inside) than what I expected but it is quite comfortable to hold.

The package comes with:
  • game console x 1
  • game cartridge x 1
  • charger x 1
  • battery x 2 (I bought an extra battery)
  • tv cable x 1
  • pouch for game console x 1
  • instruction manual (in mandarin) x 1

There are 128 games installed in the game cartridge whereas there are 472 games installed in the console itself. Sounds confusing?

Think of the game console as your phone. There are 128 games in the external SD card (game cartridge) while there are 472 games in your phone's internal memory. 

I have glanced through the games but my favorite ones are the first two: Super Contra 24 in 1 and Super Mario Bros 3. I have been playing these games since young!

If you insert the game cartridge into the console, you can only access the games on the cartridge. If you want to play the games in the console, you will have to remove the cartridge.

After playing with the console for a day, I find the screen a little small and straining on the eyes. However, it isn't so bad when you connect the console to the tv via the cable included in the package.

$18.99 for a game console with 600 games doesn't sound like a bad deal but, I am perplexed by the total charge.

The console price is listed as $18.99. Shipping charges by Qxpress is $6 while an extra battery costs $4.

If $18.99 + $6 + $4 = $28.99, then why was I charged $30.99?

What is the extra $2 for? Is there some hidden charge that I didn't know of?

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