Our Army Exhibition - A Soldier In Every Family

Our Army Exhibition - A Soldier In Every Family came to the open space beside Westgate, Jurong East two weekends ago. 

I took the opportunity to visit the exhibition to learn more about the technology and weaponry used in our defenses. It was an eye-opener to learn about the latest technology and also seeing some familiar equipments which accompanied my days with the armed forces.

Leopard 2 MBT (Main Battle Tank)

HIMARS ( High Mobility Artillery Rocket System)

SATCOM (Satellite Communications)

NVD and Periscope for tanks

CVC Helmet

Radio set (PRC 940?)

Parachutes for Red Lions

Light Strike Vehicle

Military Police

MATADOR (Man-Portable Anti-Tank, Anti-Door)

The LORIS - a night vision device which enables you to see in the dark

A closer look

Queuing for the Infantry Night Walk to test out the LORIS

It was pitch dark inside the room and I had to place
my camera lens behind the LORIS to take this shot.

CPR demonstration

Photo booth for kids with various uniforms from the different vocations

Men's make up

Wanna sign on as a regular with the Armed Forces?

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