Hua Feng Roasted Delights @ Tiong Bahru

While on a chicken hunt at Tiong Bahru recently, lunching at Zhong Yu Yuan Wei (忠于原味) was included in the plan.

Unfortunately, I was dismayed to find this notice stuck on their door when I got there.

Having no luck with their bu jian tian (不见天) pig's armpit char siew Wanton Mee, I went in search of the other Wanton Mee stall.

I remember my lecturer telling me on Facebook that there is another Wanton Mee stall called Hua Feng Roasted Delights (华丰烧腊) at Tiong Bahru Market which happens to be right next to the popular 178 Shark Fritters Lor Mee stall.

Hua Feng Wanton Mee SGD3

You know how some places serve paper-thin char siew that's all lean meat with no fats? And those that is all red on the outside but white on the inside? I ABHOR THOSE!

Hua Feng's char siew provides a good bite and is decently charred on the outside with bits of fat on the inside just the way I like it without being too dry on the palate.

As for the three boiled wantons, they are plump but that is all to it.

The bowl of clear soup that comes with the wantons is flavorful but a tad too overwhelming for my taste bud.

Too much msg? I do not know.

The noodles were springy to the bite without the annoying alkaline smell (kan sui) that I dislike. Coupled with the savory and mildly spicy sauce, the noodles are so good I could eat it on its own without the ingredients.

On the whole, Hua Feng's Wanton Mee is above average and one of the better Wanton Mee I have tasted. At the point of writing this post, I am already planning to go for my second visit!

The Verdict?
My ratings 3.5/5

Tiong Bahru Market & Food Centre
30 Seng Poh Road
Singapore 168898

Opening Hours:
Mondays closed

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GPS Coordinates: 1.284736,103.83241

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