Video: Riot In Little India

I am still finding it hard to believe that a riot has taken place earlier in Singapore. When I first come across this news on twitter, I thought it was just part of an anti-riot exercise by the police.

Singapore has been riot-free for the last 44 years so how could it happen now?

Crowd getting agitated

However, as more photos and videos of the situation began flooding my twitter timeline, it dawned upon me that this is for real.

Apparently, a Indian national was run over by a private bus around 9.20pm at Race Course Road. This led the other Indian nationals at the scene to attack the bus, smashing its windscreen with metal pipes and hauling the driver from his seat.

Flipping over two police cars to their sides

As SCDF rescuers attempt to extricate the victim from under the vehicle, objects were being flung at them from the crowd. The mob went on to attack emergency vehicles, flipping police cars to their sides and even setting an ambulance on fire!

Things turn ugly pretty quickly and the anti-riot police were called to the scene.

Riot police in action

By midnight, the riot was contained and brought under control. According to reports, the rioters numbered at least 400. Five police vehicles, one ambulance and several private vehicles have been damaged while ten police officers were also injured.

27 people have been arrested in connection with this riot.

Why would a fatal accident escalate into a riot? I believe the accident is just a trigger that spark off the pent-up frustrations of the migrant workers over low wages and exploitations.

Let this serve as a reminder to all of us not to take our harmony and peace for granted.

I guess a new chapter in our history textbook is in order.

Thanks to the Singapore Home Team and all personnel who took part in this operation to keep our streets safe.

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