McDonaldland Characters Plushie

McDonaldland Characters Plushie

When I was young, I really like the old McDonald's TV commercials featuring McDonaldland and I remember that they used to launch toys with their McDonaldland characters.

Sadly, they do not make such toys or commercials anymore.

Last week, I am elated to learn about the launch of these plushies featuring the old gang and they will be launched on the following dates:

28 November - 4 December

5 December - 11 December

12 December - 18 December 

Ronald McDonald
19 December - 25 December 

Officer Big Mac
26 December - 31 December 

I am glad that McDonald's has decided to launch this series especially with the return of Officer Big Mac.

Now, if only they include the Fry Kids and McNugget Buddies as well.

Fry Kids

McNugget Buddies

The plushies are available at only $2.90 with any purchase while stocks last. $0.10 from each sale goes to charity.

By the way, do not forget about the relaunch of The Kampung Burger from twenty years ago!

A crispy chicken patty topped with a thick slice of pineapple ring and tangy salsa sauce sandwiched between two muffin buns cannot go wrong!

The Kampung Special

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