Hokkien Rhymes

This fun and whimsical project presents an investigation into rhymes from the local Hokkien dialect and their gradual disappearance.

These rhymes are prevalent in pockets of conversations among an older generation of Singaporeans. Sadly, these quaint rhymes are being eroded through lack of use, with no written records. This project aims to preserve a selection of these quaint rhymes before they disappear.

(Woon Woon Jia Bee Hoon): Stable enough to eat vermicelli

(Lee Eu Zhoey Koey Bak Eu): More excuses than pork lard

(Sio Sio Tio Beh Pio): Burning and striking the lottery

(Zhi Tong Kia Dian Thor): Moving automatically with battery

(Sui Sui Buay Zhau Zui): So good there is no leak

Hokkien Rhymes is located at the end of the tunnel leading from Citylink Mall towards the basement of Esplanade Theatres.

It will be on till 23rd June.