Hong Kong Street Jen Poo Kee XO Bee Hoon @ Clementi West Street 2

UPDATES (8th June 2014): Hong Kong Street Jen Poo Kee has moved location. New address is updated at the end of this post.

XO Fish Head Bee Hoon

Clementi West, also known as "West Coast", is where I frequent as a kid because Mum used to do her marketing here at the West Coast Market. As Grandma also lived here with her eldest son, coming here is almost a weekly routine for us.

I remember coming to the market here for breakfast and I, in particular, loved the Pig's Organ Soup especially the chili. Alas, I could not remember which stall it is and I doubt the stall is even there now.

We stopped coming after Grandma and uncle's family moved to another estate.

That was many years ago.

A few years back, we revisited Clementi West and discovered the Hong Kong Street Jen Poo Kee XO Bee Hoon at Block 721.

Hong Kong Street Jen Poo Kee is located at Block 721 next to the market (now named West Coast Market Square) which is opposite West Coast Plaza (previously known as Ginza Plaza).

Hong Kong Street Jen Poo Kee is located on the left

View taken from the overhead bridge linking from West Coast Plaza.

Prawn Paste Chicken/Har Keong Gai

The Prawn Paste Chicken here is a must-order dish for us. The skin is crispy yet the inside is succulent and moist. As far as I could remember, only fleshy drumlets are used here; no wings.

I believe I could finish a whole plate all by myself!

Baby Sotong

The baby sotong are fried till crispy but I am not a fan of the spicy/sweet sauce that they are coated with although the pickled cucumber is refreshing enough.

Hotplate Tofu

One of the better Hotplate Tofu I had. It is loaded with seafood and a distinct fragrance that is not found in others. The sauce pairs exceptionally well with white rice.

Tua Tau

The sauce is too sweet for my liking. Did not had much of it.

Curry Fish Head

I am hardly a Curry Fish Head person as I do not like chinese curries however, I am delighted to say that this curry here incline towards the Indian-style which I love.

San Lou Hor Fun

The San Lou Hor Fun here is one of their specialty and highly recommended but the usual standard seem lacking on the night we were there. The Hor Fun was super oily, the taugeh quite raw and the entire dish basically tasteless.

I wonder what went wrong that night? New chef?

XO Fish Head Bee Hoon

And finally, the highlight of the night - the XO Fish Head Bee Hoon which I am madly in love with since the first time I ate it. The milky broth, complemented by the taste of the XO makes slurping up of the thick bee hoon such an enjoyment! 

Strangely, the fish that night does not seem too palatable to me but I believe it is an isolated case. I swear it was perfect the other times when we came.

 The dinner was part of Dad's birthday celebration

Brother bought a cake from Bengawan Solo.

Hong Kong Street Jen Poo Kee (Branch)

Hong Kong Street Jen Poo Kee is located inside this coffeeshop with Astons Express

Fu Chan Coffeeshop 伙食街 Coffeeshop
Blk 721 Clementi West Street 2 Blk 710 Clementi West Street 2
Singapore 120721 Singapore 120710

Telephone: 9117 7033