Raya Weekend To Kukup

At the Singapore Flyer

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

How was your holiday?

I had a short getaway to Kukup, Pontian with my family.

We were gathered bright and early at the Singapore Flyer car park on Saturday morning to board the coach. I thought we were early enough but there was already a crowd of chinese tourists there.

The journey is about two hours drive away and I had a good nap on the coach as I only had an hour's sleep the night before.


Kukup is a small fishing village famed for it's fresh, affordable seafood and is a popular weekend destination with Singaporeans. 

This is a simple place to unwind and to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Upon reaching our destination, the coach had to stop outside the village as the road was too small for it to drive in.

From there, we had to take a five minutes walk into the village and transfer to a ferry to bring us to the floating fish farm.

Fisherman heading out to sea

While at the floating fish farm, we were introduced to some of the sea creatures they had living in the nets and barrels. I have been here once more than 10 years ago so I kind of anticipated what was to come.


The guide hoisted the net up high enough to show us the Grouper living in it. Grouper tastes best when they are between 1 - 2 kilogrammes.

Horse-Shoe Crab

These are mainly killed for their eggs.

According to the guide, the Horse-Shoe Crab has blue-colored blood and no coffee should be consumed within thirty mniutes after eating it.

Failure to heed this advice could have negative repercussion like giddiness.

Black baby shark

Their scales are invisible but you can feel them if you run your fingers along it's body.

Some panorama views of the fish farm:

Ikan bilis, dried shrimps, salted fish and cincalok for sale

It is amazing how they hold everything together

After the tour on the floating fish farm, the ferry brought us to a seafood restaurant which is partially built on stilts above the sea.

A sumptious lunch awaits!

Our 9-course lunch

Did I mention that the fees for this day trip costs... SGD38 per person?

Lunch was enjoyable except for the gazillion houseflies who had fun landing on our food. We were kept busy waving them away.

Ordered a coconut to wash everything down

What you pass out goes straight back into the sea

I could imagine the crabs and lalas mocking us now...

The view at lunch

As this is a fishing village, be prepared for the stench in the air. I'm still undecided if the smell came from the drying of fish/shrimps or was it the abundant of trash lying around?


No joke. There really is a variety of pineapple called the Josapine which is a hybrid between the Pineapples from Johor and Sarawak.

It is very sweet and juicy.

On the way back to the coach

Johor Premium Outlet next!

Too bad we did not have time to visit the 'lanes' inside where the chalets are... I missed the photo opportunity with the shop that had the Mickey Mouse motifs on it's walls, the mudskippers and the colorful Jelly Kueh.

Well, maybe that warrants another visit soon but I'll be sure to inquire about the source of my lunch.

*All photos in this post are taken with the LG Optimus 4X HD.