Recipe: Sambal Petai With Ikan Bilis

As it's name suggest, the Stinkbean gives off a pungent smell not many could accept.

Also known as the Petai, it is something that requires an acquired taste. It would take tremendous courage for a first timer to try it but once he did, I am sure he would fall in love with this! (think Smelly Tofu)

You could eat it raw straight away but in my opinion, Petai tastes best when cooked with Sambal Chilli!

My recipe today is done via the lazy way without Assam (Tamarind) or  pounding the Rempah from scratch.

I am replacing the Assam with Lime Juice and the Sambal Chilli used in this recipe is ready-made bought from the wet market.

If you have time, you could chop the Petai into smaller chunks. I find it tastes even better that way!

Here are some benefits of the Petai:

- Beats Depression
- Combats Anaemia
- Lowers Blood Pressure

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Bon appetit!

1 pack Petai (split in half, check for worms, washed)
2 tbsp Sambal Chilli/Rempah (add more if you can take the heat)
1 large Onion 
1 tbsp Lime Juice
1 handful Ikan Bilis (guts removed, washed)
2 Chili Padi (seeds removed, cut into rings)
Salt and Sugar (to taste)

1) Heat some oil to fry the Ikan Bilis till crispy followed by the Onions
2) Add the Sambal Chilli, Lime Juice, Chilli Padi, Salt and Suger
3) Fry until the mixture is fragrant then add in the Petai
4) Stir fry for a further 3 minutes or so and it is done
5) Serve