Hong Kong Egglet @ Jurong Point

The Hong Kong Egglet is essentially a kind of egg waffles which has been a very popular Hong Kong street snack since the 1950s.

The batter of egg, sugar and flour are poured into a special honeycomb-shaped waffle maker and then toasted to a golden hue similar to that of an eggshell. 

Because of the unique depressions on the lids of the waffle maker, the finished waffle resembled a cluster of eggs hence, it is also known as the 鸡蛋仔 (loosely translated as Little Eggs, or Gai Daan Zai in Cantonese).

Gai Daan Zai (鸡蛋仔)

The Gai Daan Zai (鸡蛋仔) is crispy on the outside yet soft and chewy on the inside. Each "little egg" is easily breakable and a perfect size to pop into the mouth. 

It comes in four different flavors: Original, Chocolate, Cheese and Chicken Floss.

Prices are set at SGD 2, SGD 2.50, SGD 2.80, and SGD 2.80 respectively. 

Their milk tea is available at SGD 1 with any purchase. Otherwise, it is at SGD 1.50 ala carte.

The Gai Daan Zai (鸡蛋仔) are packed in this peforated paper bag which allows the escape of steam to prevent condensation. 

The addictive egg fragrance permeates from these holes too!

The shop operates in a similar fashion like most bubbletea shops. Order and make your payment at the cashier after which you will be given a receipt with a queue number.

Just wait for the staff to call out your number when your order is ready.

Mine took about twenty minutes.


1 Jurong West Central 2
Jurong Point
Singapore 648331
Tel: 6793 0826