Exercise Wallaby - R&R Day One

The warning sign at the sentry heading towards Sam Hill

You know what? This post is six months overdue!

That is how long I have put off writing the R&R bit of my Exercise Wallaby trip!

Refresh your memories here: 

After almost two weeks, we are finally leaving Sam Hill. This was my second time leaving here and I guess it is for good. 

It would be very unlikely that I will return here for a third time.

We are out of the restricted zone!

Scenery like this accompanied us all the way to Yeppoon

The only thing that kept me sane! It was out of stock at Sam Hill! Can you believe it?
Rip Curl

Just one of the many shops we visited there
Some stuffed toys at a gift shop

Shopping was just a short forty minutes before we board the coach for lunch at Reef Palms Links which is a golf course club.

Reef Palms Links

The food here was nothing to shout about. The rice was uncooked in the middle. The SFI cook back in Sam Hill serve better tasting food than this.

There was a mini amusement park at the back for kids

Little Noddy

Garfield and Mighty Mice

Richard Scarry
Then it is back on the coach to Capricorn Resort for the night!
Scenic seaview along the way
The room which I was allocated to

MINE! MINE! MINE! *jumps on bed*
There was a sub room with two more beds inside
The W.C in it's own room separated from the shower room!
This is the life!

After two weeks in boots, I could finally liberate my feet and lie on a real bed!
The balcony
The only thing I bought from the shopping earlier
View from my balcony

Love the color of Australia's sky!
Can you see the sea?
It is very windy here...

After having a good bath (in two weeks!) and a short rest, I went to check out the beach behind the resort which I last visited eleven years ago!

Back to the beach where I watched the sunrise eleven years ago

I just found out that this might be Farnborough Beach.
Reminiscing the moments I had here years ago
The setting sun and the receding tide
Love the spaciousness

In order to get to the beach, we had to walk pass this Chapel which was not there eleven years ago.
The sun was setting as I make my way back to the room. It was a breathtaking sight as the sun hovers just right beside the chapel but I was unable to capture 'feel' that I was trying to convey.
The back of the Chapel
The front of the Chapel
The sunset view from my balcony

After dinner at the Billabong Restaurant, my friends have decided to hire a cab to town for some beer. I decided to stay behind to rest and enjoy some me time in the room with Brad and Smith.

Meet Brad and Smith

Stay tuned for Day Two of the R&R!

Some Cranes came visiting outside the balcony!