Video: I Wanna Be A Greedy Corrupt Official When I Grow Up

What do you wanna be when you grow up?

A survey on the career choice of children in Singapore revealed that nearly 10 per cent of them think that being the President is the "coolest" job in the world.

This was followed by being a pilot, a police officer and a singer.

When asked on the first "three things they would do" if they became the Prime Minister, responses ranged from helping to save energy and water, rounding up sick animals and sending them to a vet as well as creating scholarships for those in need.

Other humourous responses included building another theme park like Universal Studios, banning cockroaches and even making it compulsory to eat chips everyday,

The study by recruitment firm Adecco covered 120 children between the ages of seven and 14.

It seeks to understand their career aspirations and thoughts about work and life.

The study showed that being a teacher is the top career choice, followed by becoming a doctor, pilot or flight attendant.

The youngsters who stated a desire to become a teacher, had monthly salary expectations ranging from S$50 to S$10,000.

But about 80 per cent of respondents believe that it is more important to "spend time with family" than making "lots of money".

This is the sixth year that Adecco has carried out the survey.

Ms Lynne Ng, regional director of Adecco South East Asia, said: "With every year that this survey is conducted, I see the responses becoming more adventurous and interesting, whilst still demonstrating the importance of family and community.

"It's clear that children pick up on news and conversations around them and often use this information to plan for their own future - and in many cases a brighter future for others".  [via CNA]

Now, what about the career choices of kids from China? While there are not too much of a difference compared to Singapore, one particular kid made a very unusual career choice.

Is this a reflection of their society?

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